National transport concept for UEFA EURO 2008™ unveiled

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Austrian transport concept for UEFA EURO 2008™ was presented today by Federal Minister Werner Faymann, the Government's EURO 2008 coordinator Heinz Palme and Tournament Director Christian Schmölzer at a press conference in Vienna. Experts are expecting 1.5 million foreign visitors in June 2008. "It is important to manage the enormous amount of traffic that will be generated by EURO 2008 in the most environment-friendly way possible," said Minister Werner Faymann. "The aim is that the majority of guests, officials, media representatives and volunteers will use public transport in June 2008." The benefits are obvious: the external costs are lower (congestion, exhaust fumes, noise), fewer parking spaces are needed and better traffic management minimises the danger of overloading the system. Combi-ticket valid for 36 hours.

Perhaps the most significant measure is the introduction of the so-called Combi-ticket, i.e. a UEFA EURO 2008™ match ticket also acts as a travel pass for public transport on the day of the match and until noon the following day. The Combi-ticket is valid on all public transport networks in Switzerland as well as on the whole ÖBB network and local services in the host cities. Euro 2008 SA is investing EUR 5 million in the two countries to provide the Combi-ticket. "A sensible investment which proves that we are taking environmental protection seriously," said Tournament Director Christian Schmölzer. Government coordinator Heinz Palme added that, "A well functioning transport concept is, alongside stadiums, safety and security, ticketing and accommodation, one of the most important and difficult organisational challenges for UEFA EURO 2008™. It is therefore very gratifying that both host countries agree that the theme of transport should be given particular attention. The fact that the Combi-ticket has been developed further since the 2006 FIFA World Cup and now includes long-distance travel is a
real bonus for the fans".
Other measures:
- More than 1,000 additional ÖBB trains in the Vienna area alone
- Special trains in all host cities after each match
- No daytime roadworks on transfer days on the motorways and expressways
- Extended operating hours for airports
- Single traffic management system in both countries

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